The FM Symposia

FMEFM 2015 is the twentieth in a series of symposia organized by Formal Methods Europe, an independent association whose aim is to stimulate the use of, and research on, formal methods for software development.  The symposia have been notably successful in bringing together innovators and practitioners in precise mathematical methods for software and systems development, industrial users, as well as researchers. The FM symposia welcome original papers on research and industrial experience, proposals for workshops and tutorials, entries for the exhibition of software tools and projects, and reports on ongoing doctoral work.

FM is the first and largest conference covering the rapidly growing area of formal methods. During the past three decades, many of the advances achieved in model-driven software engineering, validation and verification of software systems, design methods and tools have been first published in the proceedings of the FM conference series. FM is a technical conference gathering 200–300 world-leading researchers from academia and industry approximately every 18 months. The conference is held at different locations, mostly across Europe, and is organized by a local committee.

FM2015FM2015 will take place in Oslo, Norway, June 22–26, 2015.  The 2015 edition will be the 20th of the FM symposia and will embrace a broad range of topics related to the theory and application of formal methods, and reflects cutting edge research on verification and quality guarantees in the development of robust, reliable, and secure software systems.  FM2015 is organized in Ole-Johan Dahl’s House, the modern Computer Science building on the main campus of the University of Oslo.

20th International Symposium on Formal Methods